About Us

Hello my name is Rich and I am the owner and operator of Black Start Stake Pool, and I wanted to show a serious sense of commitment to you my current and future delegator(s), which is the reason for my pledge of 450K ADA. I will always stay committed to the stability of this pool,  and you will never have to be concerned of a pulled pledge as I am the only owner of the pledge amount and I have a long term commitment to the Cardano mission to change the world! 

I want to personally want to thank you for visiting the site. If you need assistance of any kind related to Cardano please feel free to call, email or us an of the forms of social media i am associated with below. 


Our Main Server

  • AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core, 32-Thread Unlocked
    64 GB DDR4 3200 RAM
    2 TB M.2 SSD Drive

Our BackUp Server

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked
  •    32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM
  •    1 TB M.2 SSD Drive

Our severs are in parallel 24/7,  both on battery backup systems as well as internet equipment in the case of power outage. Both also are configured on Ubuntu 20.04 and commercial firewall for security.

Have any questions? Contact us


Black Star Pool




Black Pool Star


Black Pool Star

Our Vision

My vision for Black Star Pool is one of longevity, reliability, and assurance. The vision is to use this platform to open doors and pass down to my children, them to theirs and so on as Cardano grows and lives in society my family will continue the security of this network.

Our Mission

Our first mission is to bring more people into the Cardano Ecosystem by continuing to provide solid and easy to understand information to the masses and publicize as much as possible. I also believe Cardano can aid in bring forth social change in a great number of area and I hope you will delegate to aid this mission.

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